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 Joni's Yoga Miracles Store

For years people have come from all over the country to experience a Joni’s Yoga Miracles class.  Finally you can experience this extraordinary experience in the comfort of your own home!


Here you will find visualizations to affect every area of your life, life changing affirmations and also a very uplifting Yoga Miracles Class. This CD set will profoundly affect you and open a portal into your destiny. Give this special gift to yourself and your loved ones.  All visualizations are channeled. Just close your eyes relax and see it! 



“You will see it when you believe it!”

(You can also listen with eyes open.) 



Joni’s Perfect Miracles, Volume I, 6 CD set:

Perfect Supernatural Health: Move into the consciousness that you have access to your supernatural body. See it lit up with light, health, well being, fully functioning, fully free!!!


Vast Wealth and Abundance: Allow the riches of the Universe to flood your life though no effort whatsoever, only inspired action. Revel in this abundance NOW!      


Perfect Self Expression: Loving the Journey for this life   Find your calling, your true path in life. Never work a day in your life because you love what you do.


Perfect Love: Whether you are calling in your soul mate, or improving all relationships in your life, allow greater harmony, balance, compassion and radiance in all your relationships.


Mastery Affirmations: Specifically designed to lift your vibration and allow the highest and the best for your life. Each affirmation is a way to open to greater good than you ever thought possible


Joni’s Yoga Miracles Yoga Class: (muti level)

Yoga you can easily do and see remarkable results immediately. Flowing, fun, effortless and relaxing. 

Available in CD or digital MP3 format.

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